Sunday, January 6, 2013

In With the New, Out with the Old

2013 is off and running and I'm still trying to figure out how 2012 flew by so quickly.

It was a busy year. One with many new challenges and many new victories as well. Both in my personal life and my writing career. Most are just typical mommy accomplishments, but these are a few I'm really proud of. :)

I survived two bunion surgeries over the summer and family learned to do for themselves.
Published a short story, finished edits and published full length novel.
Sold enough copies of my first novel, Faithful Deceptions, to become PAN (Romance Writers of America's published Author Network)
Finaled in the Reader's Favorite Award contest with Target of Betrayal.
Finished NanoWriMo with a little over 50K words.
Helped middle daughter complete drivers ed and get her license.
Oldest daughter headed to Texas State in the fall.
And last but not least, got a new puppy.

I have no idea what all my goals were at the beginning of 2012. Seems I've lost my list. LOL But looking back now, I'm content.

Now to make 2013 even better!

Habits I hope to break:

Worrying so much about the kids
Trying to please everyone
Checking sales figures
Procrastinating when I should be writing
Doubting everything

That should keep me busy. LOL

Best of luck to you in the New Year!
Dare to Dream and Make it Happen!!