Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tricks of the Trade - Writing Locations

Never fails.

I swear the minute I reach the middle of a new book my muse becomes uncooperative and takes a vacation. I've been plugging away on this new book with little trouble for weeks and loving the way the story is playing out.

Then wham! Muse decides to play hard ball.  Almost 50,000 words in. Okay. Let's put on the breaks, shall we?! Make her work for it!

Geesh...what'd I do to piss you off this time? LOL Was it me thinking I actually might finish by June?

Well, I've learned a few tricks of my own on this oh so twisted journey. One of which is switching the locations I write in to stir things up. Sometimes more than three times in one day when times get really tough. So far, the muse appears clueless to my antics, so I'll keep using this trick till it doesn't work anymore.

This afternoon, I stepped outside into my new office. A beautiful sunny day greeted me with a cool breeze, the sound of leaves rustling peacefully overhead as the steady trickle of the pond echoed in the background. I'll be honest, all I really wanted to do was lay back in the hammock and nap the afternoon away. But wouldn't you know, the crazy muse had other ideas. Sneaky thing that muse.

Crossed the 50,000 mark and still going strong. Shhhh.... Let's keep this our little secret. :) No reason to test fate.

I also received a cool new coffee mug full of goodies from my publisher this week!

"Professional Author at Work". Love it!

My new favorite cup! :)

Yes, it was a really great day!
Here's hoping there's many more to follow.

Would love to hear how you get those creative juices flowing again. You know, in case I need a new strategy after this post. LOL