Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dr. Noah and the Sugar Plum Fairy by Carla Rossi

Man December is flying by! I'm not even close to being finished with my Christmas shopping, but I'm determined not to let it stress me out. It will get done. It always does. :)
Here's another great book by a Northwest Houston chaptermate just in time for Christmas!  Carla Rossi is an awesome Inspirational writer. You must check out her books!  

College senior and not-so-ex-ballerina Jane Trumbull is home for Christmas break. She welcomes the joyful chaos of a happy family holiday – then the rollercoaster of emotions begins.

Veterinarian Dr. Noah Barron hopes his return to Texas and his new clinic will help him forget about his dark days in California. But he can’t outrun unresolved issues and doesn’t know how lonely he really is – until he meets slightly clumsy Un-Plain Jane.

Can Jane and Noah learn to share who they really are and what they really want? And can they allow God to send joy after sorrow, hope for hidden dreams, and healing for past wounds?

What others are saying:

5.0 out of 5 stars Heartwarming, November 26, 2012

I love this story! What a great way to get in the spirit of Christmas. This has all the ingredients of most family holidays...a crazy relative, lots of love, and a heaping helping of festivities! I can't wait to read what Carla comes us with next!
5.0 out of 5 stars A sure-to-put-you-in-the-spirit Christmas read!, November 18, 2012
Jane and Noah are adorable together and the cast of family are sure to engage you every step of the way. Light, enjoyable and fabulously Christmas. You won't regret one minute of this holiday story. And seriously, how can you not love this title!

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I've got my copy and I'm sending one to my mom as part of her Christmas gift too! Did you know when you gift a book to someone you get to choose the delivery date? How cool is that?! Now all I need to do is carve out the time to read my copy! :)