Monday, November 9, 2015

Time is All I Need

If only I could figure out how to manage my time better, I'd be on my way to a less stressful life.
Now I know adding NaNoWriMo is a decision I didn't have to include in this maddening month of mayhem. But it's actually helping me keep my stress level down.

I know, right? C R A Z Y!!

Procrastination is my worst enemy. Well, that and my non- existent organization skills and urge to check on what's new and exciting on the internet. ugh... Word of advice. Stay off Pinterest! Whatever you do!! Don't pull it up. Don't scan down the list of pretty and interesting pictures. Don't click on anything. Just don't go there! LOL

Despite it all, here are my accomplishments so far this month.

* Edits almost done on next book. Getting ready to send it off and see what happens. :)
* Cute humorous Nano story I'm working on with my daughter coming along nicely. 4K words so far. Progress is slow, but lots of brain storming going on while I'm completing other daily tasks.
* Working on finishing next thriller as well. (I know. I'm walking a fine line! But after taking Margie Lawson's workshop at a conference in October, I'm energized!)
* Started my Christmas shopping already!
* Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Might be having my family here this year. Yikes!

Looks like I'm getting quite a bit done now that I've written it down. Yeah! I think I'll celebrate! Not even going to try listing, or thinking about, the things needing attention in between all of this fun stuff. They will get done. They always do. LOL