Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How DYI Can Help You Get Back on Track

I've always loved the do it yourself concept. Yes, you can probably go out and buy that special piece you're looking for, but there is nothing like creating something with your own hands. For me, going to craft shows started years ago when I was still quite young and thought I could do anything. Fast forward a few years and I'm sad to say that awesome outlook on life has changed quite a bit. Stupid fear and doubt. LOL

One of my favorite shows lately is a show on HGTV called Fixer Upper. It's been on for a few seasons I think, but I only recently found it a few months ago. I absolutely love how this couple transforms a house. Wow! Makes me want to go out and buy an old fixer upper and try my hand at it. Thank goodness hubby has some self control!

As I sit here thinking about it, this idea kind of goes along with my writing as well. You know the saying,"You can't fix what you don't have." Well, this show is proof! A few of these houses I've seen on the show were lost causes in my opinion. That is, until the Gaines step in and completely blow my mind.

So awesome! And it got me to thinking about my current WIP. So many times I get stuck on a scene because I can't come up with something I feel is good enough. When the truth is, I should just write through the crap to discover the gems hiding in the middle of it all. I really like the idea. Sure beats staring at a blank page, right? :) A do it yourself quick fix of sorts until you're ready to start the edits and go back to really make that manuscript shine.

As I procrastinated today, I came across this video by Joanna Gaines. Thought I'd share because I found it so inspiring. Following our dreams is such an important part of life. It's what makes us grow, keeps us happy and helps us find our purpose. We must not let fear and doubt get in the way of what we are meant to do.
Off to write through the crap! LOL