Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oh, how I love this Holiday season.

Waiting Patiently! LOL
No really. I do. :)

The cooler weather. The beautiful decorations. The love and sharing.

I think I finally wrapped my last gift today.  I'm a bit shocked and more than a little relieved. Everything seems to be falling into place. No flickering lights outside the house just yet, but that's not half bad considering at one point I was in a panic trying to figure out how on earth I would get everything done.

Divide. Prioritize. Conquer. That's been the key for me. And then pick your battles.

I won't lie. I miss seeing the house all lit up at night when we come home, but in the big scheme of things it hasn't ruined Christmas for me or my kids.  And just because the Christmas cards didn't all go out at once, it doesn't mean I failed at wishing others a Merry Christmas. Shoot. Some of my friends and family may even be getting two doses of Christmas cheer from the Ohnoutka's since I misplaced my dang list. Again. LOL Someone will probably find it wrapped in one of the gifts. I won't live that one down anytime soon. But it won't be the strangest thing I've ever unwrapped. I found a set of car keys one year. LOL The look on my sister-in-law's face was priceless!

All of this chaos and coming to grips with it helped me really focus on the true meaning of the season. The most precious gift of all didn't come wrapped in fancy paper or ribbons, and had no price tag.  Jesus was and is God's gift to us and proof that love really does conquer all.

So close your eyes. Take a long deep breath. Make a plan of your own to divide and conquer. Then go out and spread some love.

And if you're looking for some great last minute gifts, be sure to check out the sidebar for some really great books. There's something for everyone on your list. :)

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with love, laughter and many blessings!

I leave you with my favorite Christmas tune. Just in case you needed a little boost.