Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stop! I Need a Vacation!

What day is it? Is it morning, noon or night? I'm running on fumes here! LOL

April hit and the chaos went spiraling out of control. Thank goodness for our awesome RWA Chapter meeting this month. Kathryn Lorenzen is a creativity coach and her workshop helped me keep from losing my sanity this month. And the month's only getting started!

Seriously, though. If you've never considered what a creativity coach has to offer, it might be worth checking it out. I have a writing friend who loves her and has become so much more productive in her writing. For me, the timing is not right. But I'll be saving some pennies and hopefully in the near future I can benefit from some one on one time with Kathryn. ;)

A great quote from the workshop:

"Focus is Power!"