Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Distractions, interruptions, commotion, whatever you want to call it must be dealt with with a firm hand. Or maybe just by using better organization skills. LOL As a writer, I find even the smallest thing can distract me. Like a phone call, or the mailman. So throw something big at me like a lost hamster for instance and we have major chaos not to mention complete and total mental shut down. No more muse. No more writing. No more anything, but searching and pleading for the little guy to "come out, come out where ever you are," and go back into his cozy cage.

After hours of searching, a restless night of getting up to check and see if he'd made it back to his cage so I could close the door before he got out again, and lots of strategy today I finally found him. Poor little guy had apparently entered an opened drawer on the bottom of my son's dresser and once the door was shut he was trapped. Boy was he happy to see me. LOL Probably not as happy as I was to see him. Oh, there is the tear factor to consider with my heartbroken son over the loss of his beloved pet. But all I could think of was this little critter getting stuck in my walls and what a smelly problem that could turn out to be.

All is well again in the house and I can finally sit back down and get busy finishing up my submission packet. yeah! :)

The joys of motherhood and writing. You know, I should write a book about that! LOL