Friday, August 5, 2016

Progress is Golden!

As summer winds down, the brutal heat trying to wear me down and zap what energy I have left, I find myself scrambling to catch up and get all the things done before the kids head back to school. Surprisingly, the last two months have been quite productive and I'm happy with the tasks I've managed to accomplish despite this crazy weather and my hectic schedule.

The RWA Conference in San Diego was a blast! What a beautiful city! And the people there were all so nice. I didn't get to do much sight seeing though. And due to a mishap with my darn phone, which we will not discuss on the internet, I lost most of the pictures I'd taken. Of course I left my real camera at home. You know, because my cell phone has transformed into my everything all in one gadget and is way too attached to my hip. Talk about a great lesson! LOL I now know I can live without immediate communication with family and friends for at least four days! Ha!

Thank goodness for my great friends and the best roomies ever (for a ton of numerous reasons) for sharing and helping me salvage some of my own pictures. I'd texted them copies!!! LOL :)

Walking Our Path to the Main Hotel

RWA Awards Ceremony 

Having Way Too Much Fun!

Book Signing Madness
with some Pretty Awesome Authors!

I so needed a week to recover, but my edits for the next book came the Monday after I got home. Back to work you slacker!! No breaks for you! LOL

Finished up this last round yesterday. Shouldn't be long now. Hope to have a cover to share real soon!!