Monday, October 27, 2014

It's That Time Again!

I’m gearing up for another NaNoWriMo round. J

Yes, it can be addictive! And if there was a support group in my area, hubby would make sure I was all signed up and first in line when the doors opened. LOL

The truth? My favorite part of writing is just to do it. No editing. No worries. Just let the words flow as the ideas filter through my scattered brain.

Maybe not the best strategy since there is so much editing to do when I finally do go back through the manuscript. But the adrenaline rush and new story produced at the end makes all the hard work worthwhile. You can’t fix what you don’t have, right?

Number one reason I participate:

NaNo gets my booty in the chair every day. Helps me remember why I love writing so much. And that in my book is Priceless!!

So who else is Nanoing?   :)

Need another friend to support you along the way?

You can find me under: mdohno

Best of Luck!