Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Focus Please and More Dr. Pepper!

Good morning!

Procrastinating big time. Should be doing edits and working on the short story I've decided I must do to tie my books together nice and neat.  I sure wish I could actually see what was going on up there in my  head.  I wonder if it looks like my office.  Stuff must be scattered everywhere! LOL

As I've zipped about the Internet from blogs to websites, I found several interesting things and thought I'd share. :)

Need pictures for your blogs?  Not so fast!  Are you sure about the copyrights?

This site is amazing!  So much information about publishing all in one spot!

Your Self Publishing Coach!

And just because this entertains me again and again.

J.A. Konrath

New to Publishing and Marketing?

Be sure to check out these spots:
Google Books

Now back to work for me!

Wishing everyone a Wonderful Day!