Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Morning Inspiration

Yosemite National Park 2013

Let go of things/people stressing you out, causing you grief—bigger and better is just over the horizon.

Forget striving for perfection.

Show your vulnerability and connect with those around you on a deeper level.

Don’t be afraid, be strong! (My Favorite!)

Even if it seems impossible, reach for your dreams—nothing makes you feel more alive!!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Truth! I love this this. Thanks for sharing because it all came at a time where I feel pulled in sooooo many directions.

Melissa said...

Hugs, Stacey! I'm reading this list each morning first thing after getting up. Need to keep them fresh in my mind. LOL Hope things calm down a bit for you soon! :)

Marie said...

A very inspirational list, Melissa. Thanks for sharing. I hope all your dreams come true!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Marie! Hope you're having a great summer so far! :)