Monday, May 2, 2011

Organization is Way Over-Rated

Today I'm Sharing my post from Everybody Needs a Little Romance

It's been a long few days.  I'm working hard to get my edits finished on the second book "Target of Betrayal" as well as writing a short story to tie both books together.  But I'm really loving the way the stories are working out, so it's been fun.

My biggest dilemma for the week:

To organize or not to organize, that is the question for today. I could organize my life. Really I could. If I really wanted to.

I know things would run smoother and I wouldn't forget things like lunches or important school function dates. But I already have a filing system. Is it my fault that I'm the only one that understands it? Surely not. Those stacks there on the desk are in order, I assure you. Just tell me what the heck you're looking for and I'll be more than happy to get it for you.

See, now was that so hard? Now, there is no meltdown. No hyperventilating, because the important paper I strategically placed in that one certain location is no longer there. Ugh….

Please tell me I'm not alone in my madness. LOL I've read there are two ways to file. Vertical and horizontal. See it's just a preference.

So what say you? Vertical or horizontal? Should I waste precious writing time trying to organize things so another member of my family, who will remain nameless, is able to find things?

Yes, I'm procrastinating again. Guess what book I've just bought! LOL I'll let you know if it works after I read it. Here's a link in case you just can't wait that long!

"Eat That Frog" by Brian Tracy


Anonymous said...

Hi, horizontal here. Unless you count that stack over there, and there. LOL.

I'm very organized. Any one thing out of place, and I'm certain a hole will rip in the time continuum of the world.

But seriously, I'm a horizontal organizer. Great blog, Missy!


Scott Niven said...

I really need to read that book. I go in phases where I'm completely organized, but the problem is I can't maintain that style for very long before things slowly start slipping out of control. A life where I could find everything and never miss an important event would be great!

Melissa said...

LOL Jenn! I would never have guessed it. :) I know, maybe you can come orgainze for me?

Melissa said...

Hi, Scott! You know, I tend to do the same thing. But it just takes so much effort and then I'm not getting anything else done. Oh, things are organized all right, but it comes with huge consequences. Everyone and everything else suffers as I come to a complete stand still. But I know there is a magic balance out there and I plan to find it. I have to! LOL

Scott Niven said...

Yes, I think you are right: Finding that magic balance is what we need to do! At least, for the moment, my work desk is completely clear of clutter!

Stacey Purcell said...

I'm totally organized....and it's all in my head! Ha!
I juggle my whole life in my head- I know it would be much simpler if I took the time to write it all down, but I consider it good practice to keep all those lovely brain cells firing as I approach GULP! my fiftieth. Writing it all down would give me one more piece of paper to organize or another piece of technology to conquer...sigh...when did life get so full?
I do, however, keep a vertical filing cabinet and have tried to organize all the categories of STUFF that I have as a writer. Who knew all the research, the queries, rejections etc. would add up so quickly? I would say to try,at least, stacking in categories?!?!

Melissa said...

Okay, now I'm jealous, Scott! LOL I might just have to do some rearranging now. :)

Melissa said...

Oh, Stacey! See, you're still one step ahead of me. LOL Not sure it's very organized up there in my head either. My son assures me I'm not crazy, just loopy! Ha! I love that boy! :) hmm... I wonder if they make tabs for that "stack" filing system. I must check this out!

Scott Niven said...

Well, today is a new day, and my desk is no longer clean, lol!

Melissa said...

LOL Scott! Thanks for making me smile today! :)

Suzan Harden said...

And how long have you been living in that house that the nameless person doesn't know where things are? LOL

Melissa said...

Going on 11 years now, Susan! Ha! I've asked this same question numerous times. But there isn't much hope when the jar of peanut butter sits right in front of their face and they just can't seem to find it. LOL I think it's a control thing. If they can make me stop what I'm doing to help in their search, then they win. What they win, I'm still trying to figure out. But I'm getting closer. :)

Scott Niven said...

Hi Melissa,

I've been meaning to ask you: How are you liking the $2.99 price point for your book? I priced my short story collections at $0.99, just to get things off to a quick start, but I plan on raising the price to $2.99 in June. Then I can do fun things like lower the price to $0.99 for holidays or other random events! :-)

Melissa said...


I set my price at $2.99 after reading J.A. Konrath's blog on pricing and his experience with it. So far it's working really well. I'm not in the top 100 but I'm selling books. :) This seems to be a price people are comfortable with especially with new authors. I like your strategy too. Start low and then raise it, giving you options for later. :)