Monday, March 21, 2016

A Shot of Creativity

The weather has been really wacky here lately. Beautiful spring like weekend only to wake up this morning to a chilly 48 degrees. Of course we will be warming up to around 67 degrees later this afternoon. Texas weather! You've got to love it! :)

All these sunny days have me wanting to be outside working in the yard, when I should be cranking out words on the new manuscript as I patiently (not) await my edits on the last one.  But creativity is funny this way. At least for me. It seems like the more I get out and enjoy God's beautiful creations and discover other's masterpieces, the more ready I am to work on creating works of my own.

My youngest has started the college search. Gulp. So we've been taking fun trips to visit the different campuses. Lots of inspiration to found there. A few photos from our latest visit to the University of Texas.

Canoes all tied together.

So much history and knowledge on all of these campuses I can barely wrap my brain around it all. But it's the idea my youngest has made it to this milestone that blows my mind. Decisions, decisions...which will he choose? Hopefully one close to home so his mom won't completely lose her mind. LOL

No matter how hard we try to drag it out, ignore the reality and pretend time doesn't affect us, life moves on, doesn't it. Better not blink or we'll miss the blessings and opportunities laid out before us.

Nothing rings truer than this as I get older.  And there is nothing like a good ol' shot of creativity to help me see the meaning behind all this madness.

Life is, and will continue to be, what we make it. ;)

So Happy Spring, Ya'll!!

Get out there, create, live, love and laugh till your belly hurts! :)


Marie said...

This is a lovely post, Melissa.
Springs brings so much beauty and does indeed inspire creativity.
With your son entering college I have also realized how quickly times goes by.
My grandson just turned twenty-one and it seems like yesterday when he was born.
Happy Spring to you, Melissa! I cannot wait to read your new novel.

Anonymous said...

Time does pass quickly. Too quickly sometimes. And life is what we make it. You have some real truths in your post today.
My baby is completing his first year at Baylor and that's hard for me to get my head around as well. At least we have our books and creative efforts to focus our minds somewhere else besides our babies growing up and away too darn fast!

Happy Spring to you too!!!

M Ohnoutka said...

Thanks, Marie! Spring is my favorite time of year.:) How do these little ones grow up so fast? I know it's part of life, but I sure don't have to like it! LOL Wishing you many Happy springtime memories and blessings!

M Ohnoutka said...

I can't believe your son has almost finished his freshman year, Stacey! Again, how does this happen right in front of our eyes? Yep, time to focus on the books! No time to dwell on the reality of it all. LOL Happy Spring, my dear friend!