Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Introverts Need Love Too

Walking into a room full of strangers can be more than a little intimidating for just about anyone, but for an introvert it can be downright brutal.

Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media are a lifesaver for those like me. But sometimes there is no alternative but to put yourself out there and mingle. So how does one go about this without having a complete melt down?

For me it's never easy, but I have found a few tips that help get me through.

* Go with a Goal - Commit to meeting 2 new people. Learn something new about the host or program.
* Ask yourself why you're there? - Is it for fun? Marketing? To Learn?
* Don't just stick with people you know. - This one is the hardest, but branching out and meeting someone new can be a great confidence builder.
* Be aware of your body language. - Avoid standing with your arms crossed over your chest. You want to be approachable. Shy people can often come off as uninterested or snobbish, but it is so not true. Terrified is a better description. LOL
* Make eye contact and smile. - A wonderful way to help calm nerves.

I won't lie. Even with preparation, it's never easy to put myself out there. And talking in front of groups of people is the worst. Not sure I'll ever get a handle on that one.

But I'm determined to keep on trying.  Just call me a glutton for punishment. :)

So if you see someone standing alone, or looking uncomfortable, they're probably an introvert trying to find their way. Taking the time to just walk over and say hello can help break the ice and make all the differene in the world.



Marie said...

Melissa, this is nice blog,
I guess the fear of rejection is a reason to be shy.
Even the Internet can be intimidating.
I tend to be a blatherer which can be worse than shyness at times.
But life is short and the effort to meet people is worth the trouble, Thanks for the tips.

Melissa said...

Fear can be such a bad influence on us. I'm not sure I'll ever overcome it all, but I plan to never stop trying. :) You are so right! Life is too short! Thanks, Marie!