Thursday, September 1, 2011

From "Faithful Deceptions" by Melissa Ohnoutka

My book is being featured today! :)

From "Faithful Deceptions" by Melissa Ohnoutka

Money dictates the rules of this game and the victim could be anybody— regardless of sex, age or race...

A wicked grin eased over Dustin’s face, his entire body frothy with victory. Once again, success. This was one of those magic moments that made the multitude of tedious planning hours and hard work worthwhile. Moments that lured him back again and again. It had been a long time since he’d actually been the one to pull the trigger. After Rodney and Dwayne’s little screw up with the Senator’s daughter, he had no choice but to kill her himself and had been itching to do the delectable deed again ever since. He loved to smell the fear. To see the moment his victim realized he and he alone controlled their fate.

Dustin waited only long enough for Agent Bryce to lower his head in defeat. Then the second earth shattering explosion rang out beneath the blanket of rain soaked trees. It was done.

Now to plan his most horrifying, unimaginable affliction against another human being.

Patrick Roark, bodyguard his ass, would pay a hefty price for his treacherous betrayal.

And he knew jus the sweet little trick to use too.


Anonymous said...

I was a lucky one and found your book on Amazon. I enjoyed reading it from start to finish! Not only is it exciting and shows a very dark side of humanity, it highlights an issue that needs to be the fore front of all of our minds, especially law enforcement and policy makers!
I also read your short story- loved it!!!

Marie said...

Melissa, I loved this novel.
I'm excited to read your next story!
All the best!!

Dean J. Baker said...

very good to find your blog

Melissa said...

Thanks, ladies! Hope to have the next book out soon! :)

Melissa said...

Hi, Dean! Glad to have you here. :) Stop by anytime!