Saturday, February 26, 2011

So You Want to Shoot a Gun

After wonderful week filled with excitement due to my New Release, "Faithful Deceptions", I was ready for a little rest.  But first....FIELD TRIP!!!

My wonderful RWA chapter took a field trip Friday night to a shooting range.  What terrific research.  I grew up around guns, can shoot them and I'm a pretty good shot.  LOL But that said, I respect guns.  Even after all the experience I've had handling them, I still never get too comfortable around them.  Learning everything I can about gun safety is a very high priority in my book.  We had an hour of great instructions and safety rules before we even thought about stepping into the firing range.

.460 Magnum Revolver on the end.
 We were able to shoot a variety of calibers and brands.  My friend allowed her husband to bring his Smith & Wesson’s .460 Magnum Revolver and yes, I shot that baby too! LOL  Talk about adrenaline rush!!  And intimidation!  Wow!  Biggest hand gun I've ever seen.  Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. :)
Bulls Eye! No, really! LOL

Can't wait for the next one and the chance to get my license!  Like I said, Awesome Research!!  The fun was an added bonus! :)


Heather said...

How fun! Excellent point on the importance of gun safety. I used to be a reserve Police Officer so I'm big on gun safety! In fact, it's probably time to brush up on my skills.

Melissa said...

A reserve Police Officer...Cool! It was really fun. I think everyone had a good time and left with a new attitude about guns. Holding them is one thing, but shooting them is an entirely different experience. :)